Tuesday, December 31, 2013



Dressing yourself for NYE definitely calls for some new items so I feel all of us should go to the mall and get something new to spice up the events and parties we have planned for later this evening! I always need to give myself an excuse of why I need something new and this is a perfect one!

Speaking of NEW, there is so much pressure and decisions when it comes to deciding how we are going to better ourselves for the upcoming year. Anyway, I have been reading other blogs and articles online for ideas of what my goals can be and I have found that getting help from others is a great way to start your own list! Go ahead and share with me some of your ideas or links to your blogs if you have similar posts because I would love to read. Now onto my list!! Bring on 2014!


1. TAKE THE STAIRS INSTEAD OF ELEVATORS TO GET EXERCISE. Okay this one won't be hard at all mostly because I am deathly afraid of elevators so I already do this haha but it is a good one for everyone not afraid of elevators!

2. DON'T BRING ELECTRONICS OUT DURING DINNER. This is mostly targeted to when I am home eating with Dave and Bailee! It is so easy to get distracted in conversation about technology or worldly updates that we then both start looking things up! No more!

3. MAKE A STRANGER FEEL SPECIAL ONCE A WEEK. This could be out of some of our comfort zones but I know it'll brighten all our days! I know this because recently I have been at the store or mall and someone does something so tiny (compliment me, has me go in front of them in line, etc) and it sure makes me happy.


5. READ A NEW BOOK EACH MONTH. I love reading but as soon as I get out of the habit or stop for just a week, it is hard for me to get back in the groove!

6. SAVE 10-15% FROM ALL INCOME AND DON'T TOUCH IT! I'm going to need assistance with this one. As soon as I mentally tell myself something is an emergency, I feel the need to just take out a little little tiny bit that soon adds up!

7. TRAVEL SOMEWHERE YOU NEVER HAVE BEEN. This is my goal every year. I love seeing new places so 2014 better bring somewhere amazing my way :) As long as I keep up with goal #6, maybe it will work. Trips classify as emergencies ;) ;) 

8. WRITE IN A JOURNAL AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. Capturing memories is important. Read an entry you wrote a couple years ago and it will prove to you how important it is! You will realize that you didn't even remember half of that moment. 

9. TAKE CARE OF MY HAIR. Make sure to use quality shampoos and conditioners! Wash it every few days to keep from drying it out and get more length to it!

10. GO ON A DATE ONCE A WEEK WITH MY HUSBAND. This goal has been a huge one for us ever since we had Bailee. It wasn't until after Bailee that we realized how important it is! It's a lot harder to do after a little one though so if you are in this situation, remember to switch off with other couples and it'll work out!

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