Friday, January 3, 2014


So yeah I am currently loving leather everything this winter. I just got a jacket with leather sleeves (post to come shortly) and now these leather pocketed harem bottoms. Any more advice on some other leather pieces?? I would enjoy adding more to my so far small collection!

Anyway, now that the holidays are over, I feel so sad that it's back to the routine schedule. Work, school (not me but my husband, which is like me being in school), getting up early, blah! I have to admit I just love lounging around and thinking about doing nothing but just hanging out with the family, going to movies, parties, eating lots of food, and staying in my pajamas. This shoot we actually took meanwhile doing something really cool for my mom for Christmas. That lovely idea will be posted here at the bottom of this entry.

Shoes: Tjmax, Jessica Simpson
Bottoms: The Salty Mess
Sweater: HM
Necklace: my sister's closet (no idea, sorry!)

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