Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Okay cheesy title right? I wanted to be creative and I asked Dave what to put and him and my dad of all people in the room were trying to come up with some ideas. Anyway, all they had were phrases like my title above. My dad does upholstery and inherited this darling headboard from one of his clients. I love it so much, I thought I needed to take some photos with it. You don't usually see me in plaid and a fitted shirt so really soak in this moment. I am always wearing baggy tops so this was quite unusual. A good unusual. Oh and I'm obsessed with my new ankle boots. That's all.

E N J O Y.

What I wore...
plaid top: c/o toADORN // jeans: Bohme (on sale now!) // glasses: WarbyParker // 
ankle boots: Aldo (sold out but find similar here)


  1. Love this fun relaxed look on you!

  2. Creative photo shoot! I love the flannel shirt!


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