Friday, February 28, 2014


I found this field pretty close to my house that seemed so green while there that I felt I was in some foreign land. It actually is pretty nice feeling that way since for the time being, I can't be in another land! I posted about this neon pink shirt a little ago. I got in the mood to style it a few different ways and felt the colors of this skirt really made it pop. With the tease of spring being so soon, I felt the need to dress bright and cool.

Oh and also, my husband goes crazy when taking photos. I love it though because the chances of finding a few photos I like out of 900 are really in my favor. I actually liked this batch of photos a ton though and you will see why...on Monday! Sorry to make you wait!

E N J O Y. 

What I wore...
levi jacket: Forever21 (similar here or here {this one has aztec to it but is on sale!}) // necklace: Forever21 // pink top: Forever21, sold out (just as cute here) // a-line skirt: toADORN (similar style here or here) // ankle boots: Aldo, sold out (similar here and here)

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