Friday, November 29, 2013


Well happy Black Friday everyone! Isn't this day just a blast?? I love the way people run around trying to purchase all the good things. I think I enjoy peopling watching a little too much. Walmart opened at 8pm yesterday (Thanksgiving) and my husband and I decided we needed to go there just to watch the commotion. Luckily when we did get there, we found ourselves a purpose (more than just watching people meaninglessly haha). We actually did purchase some really nice sheets (really nice sounds funny when you say they come from Walmart, no offense). Anyway, these sheets are just nicer than what we had before (that's better).

Well, I hope you enjoy the holiday and if you are doing some cyber shopping, be sure to check out our shop and use code "hellosaltymess" for a 20% discount on your entire purchase. If you haven't seen our heart shape knee patch leggings, it's about time because they are so cute!

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