Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Bright colors are so fun to use in an outfit. When you use several bright colors, it's even better. If I had bright colored pants, I can't say I wouldn't have worn them to add more colors. What fun colors are you pairing together this summer??

cap // PacSun
white boho top // h&m (cut it down the center)
neon tank // JCPenny
boyfriend jeans // JCPenny
sandals // Ci Ci Hot (similar here)

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  1. First. Boyfriend jeans. I am obsessed and need a pair. You just sold me. Second. FRINGE! I am loving fringe everything lately. What are you so darling all the time!?

  2. I'm in love with your boohoo top !!

    Xx Cécile

  3. LOVE those sandals - brightly hued sandals have already become my favorite thing for this summer. And that hat is kind of awesome!



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