Monday, May 19, 2014


Monday mornings can be such a drag. Myself and 20+ others agree as well and that is why we have brought to you a brilliant and giant giveaway! There will be 18 winners. The prizes are listed below. Make sure to enter enter enter and enter some more to hire your chances. 

Gifts in the giveaway: 

- $50 gift card from Annie Jean Apparel
- $25 gift card from Olivia Wares
- $50 gift card from Eternal Summer Boutique
- $50 gift card from Coco & Main
- Pave bracelet from The Deal Cottage
- Pocket tee in navy or aqua from Ruby Claire Boutique
- Watch of your choice from Wanderlust Collect by Feral Watches
- Necklace of choice (options: here and here) from Little Pink Wish
- Love You To The Moon and Back necklace from Dots of Sugar 
- $25 gift card from Dana-Leigh Apparel
- $50 gift card from White Plum Boutique
- Mocs of choice from fromZion
- $25 gift card from La Bouchic Boutique
- Crochet headband from Meggie's Love
- Earrings of choice from Traveling Triplets
- 2 scrunchies of choice from Chelsea King

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