Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I had a hard time refraining from jumping into this lake. We are going to San Francisco in a month and so every ounce of summer or water is just killing me right now because I so badly want to be in California where the weather is even better! I love pairing loose items with loose items. This blue dress is a little short for me in the front so I just put a similar flowy skirt underneath it. Love how it turned out! This outfit is great for a night out. If I were to wear it again, I definitely would pair it with some hi top sneakers. Half girly and half casual (dress and sneakers) is always darling!

dress // similar here by Volcom
skirt // Forever21
shoes // Aldo
necklace // similar here

Other good finds...


  1. These pics are so pretty and I love how effortless your outfit looks! Your shoes are amazing!
    Marta xo

  2. Your posts always make me happy, you look like you have so much fun. Love the outfit~~


    1. That is so sweet! Thanks for stopping by :)

      xx, Kristy


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