Monday, December 9, 2013


So during my new lifestyle of blogging, I have met several amazing fashion bloggers like myself. All of these ladies have been so nice and beautiful. As for Jenn Therese, she is simply gorgeous! I love her style and the way she blogs about the things she loves. She has a cute little blog you can check out after you read her guest post below. She dresses up a few items to create your ideal business styled look. 


Hello Salty Lovers! Jenn here from Jennifer Therese taking over the site today from the inspiring and lovely Kristy as her guest fashion blogger! Normally, I do outfit posts of looks I wear from a day to day basis, but I wanted to switch it up and do a business style look. When the look was complete I remember feeling pretty and kind of sexy in a way.  This jacket was a fabulous find from TJ Maxx.  I swear that store is one of my favorites! You can find such unique pieces for such a good price. As for the skirt this was a piece that found itself a place in my closet without me expecting it at all. 
This summer my mom was doing what I like to call a closet cleanse, and getting rid of things she just didn't wear anymore.  Of course she always lets me look through everything before she gives it to good will and this was one of the items I tried on and loved!  I was shocked! I remember always thinking I could never pull off a longer length skirt because I am so short (coming in at 5'3 on a good day) but to my surprise I loved it!  I mean, it happened to fit perfectly and it was just so sleek and professional looking, I couldn't pass it up. 
If you do not already have a knee length skirt, add it to your shopping list! If you are just as against them as I was, you have to find one that flatters you.  Just like anything, different fabrics and designs fit body types differently. Find one that works for your figure and give it a try :) 

Being a guest of The Salty Mess, it would only be right of me to share with you the amazing deal they have going on just for being a fan and a reader.  They are giving each of you a discount on anything you see in their shop throughout the rest of the year.  The discount code is "hellosaltymess" and you will be redeemed 20% off! With the holidays just around the corner how could you not take advantage?!  I know I already have a million things on my list, and not just for myself! Buying for family and friends has never been so easy.

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