Friday, December 13, 2013


It's official. I decided to combine some of my life into my blog. I love running The Salty Mess boutique but it is about time that I put some personality into these blog posts besides me just wearing our clothes and letting you all know what we are selling! :) I feel expressing my lifestyle will make it a lot easier for me to show you my true colors besides my passion for clothing, accessories and everything else! 

So this weekend was really fun! Dave and I got to go on a little adventure to Park City for one night by ourselves (this is a big adventure when you have a kid). We saw the new Catching Fire, shopped until we realized it was way too cold to continue to shop, and had so much fun being together. I feel I am endless smiles and love when I am with him. Anyway, he would only let me post one photo of him and I feel it is a pretty dang cute one. As for me, I was just freezing the entire time up in Park City. I clearly didn't dress appropriately. 

Top: H&M
Leggings: H&M
Boots: SHI
Lipstick: MAC
Glasses: WarbyParker


  1. What a cute couple :) looking lovely as always!


    1. Right back at you and your entire wardrobe! So sad you couldn't do the giveaway with us but keep in touch for next time. Love working together!

  2. Nice boots, I love your blog

  3. Thank you! I just checked out your blog and it wouldn't let me comment unless I signed in but I didn't have an account! Either way, I just wanted to say I love your gold/tan blouse you wore in your last post. The shimmering addition to it is lovely!


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