Thursday, November 6, 2014


So excited about the holidays that are in the upcoming. From gift wrap, holiday lights, to board games, everything brings such a peace about this time of year. I love the ambiance that is all around us. So because winter is rolling in so quickly, I thought I needed to hurry and post this last outfit of mine that will show off even a teensy bit of skin. These photos were taken by the lovely Meagan from Hearts of Gold a few months back. She is fabulous at what she does.

Hope you enjoy.

what i wore...
top // gap
high waisted pants // Forever 21
necklace // small boutique
shoes // converse
sunnies // nordstrom

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  1. I, too, am so excited for the holidays! But this outfit is too cute! Haha kind of makes me think a little of Saved by the Bell. Really cute!!

    Xo Sally-Jean
    Hope you stop by!:)

  2. I miss summer too! Such a darling outfit! I love the hot pink stripe on your tee!


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