Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Happy hump day ladies! Today's look is very casual and comfortable. I love feeling comfortable and cute. The plaid top I tied around my waste really enunciates the red in my outfit and I am very thankful for my husbands small side of the closet for this contribution ;) haha speaking of that, how many of you take over half of your closet and leave your hubs with a lesser amount? I am betting this is a typical thing most guys have to go through. Anyway, I love all my readers so thank you for stopping by and comment below on anything you would like to see me style. 
E N J O Y.
What i wore...

leather jacket // Nordstrom Rack, old
sunnies // Nordstrom 
t-shirt // The Salty Mess
plaid top // the hubby's :) (similar below)
jeans // Pac Sun, hole made personally :)
boots // Nordstrom Rack

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