Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I have been tagged for this fun Q&A! Thanks Amanda with Happily Ever After. Check out her fun lifestyle blog here. So, here goes these fun questions!

E N J O Y.

{one} When did you first start blogging and why? 
I officially started becoming consistent with blogging in October of 2013. I work for the daily deal site toADORN and sell some items on the site also. I wanted people to see the things I sell and wanted to share the ways I styled toADORN's clothing as well. I thought that would best be done through a blog :) It's been really fun!

{two} Have you had any past online presence? 
You bet! I have a FB, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. I love interacting especially when I was going to college and working at this other place (I won't mention the company's name) that was B O R I N G. I felt online social networks were the only way to get through the day. 

{three} When did you become serious about your blog? 
I became more serious about my blog when I started working with other bloggers and getting more of a following. I wanted to maintain my progress and felt this would be possible if I was consistent with posts! So far, so good!

{four} What was your first blog post? 
Um, I am pretty sure it was about this aztec sweater that I wore of my friends. My friend owns a boutique and she was selling the sweater and let me model it. It was fun and you can see that post here

{five} What has been your biggest challenges blogging? 
Getting images done! My hubs takes all my photos but sometimes he is busy when I find the weather perfect for photos. It's hard trying to work that system out!

{six} What is the most rewarding thing about blogging? 
I love connecting with other bloggers. Everyone is so nice and friendly and willing to help each other out. 

{seven} What is the most discouraging thing about blogging? 
Hmm...this is a difficult question. I think it is discouraging that I can't do it as much as I want to. Right now I post a few times a week but I would love to post more if I could!

{eight} What is your lasting inspiration or motivation?
"If I'm committed, there is always a way." -Tony Robbins. 
I love this quote because you can apply it to anything. You can apply it to success, hobbies, love, trials, etc!

{nine} What is your blogging dirty little secret? 
I can't tell that! ;)

{ten} What is your current goal as a blogger? 
To just continue to be consistent and post about things that I love a lot! I think anyone can get somewhere if they do those things!

{eleven} Have you learned about something or became passionate about something through blogging that has caught you by surprise? 
I have learned that everyone (that I have encountered and work with) is so nice and willing to work together on things. I love that blogging has it's own little world of people!


My sister gets the Alloy magazine and I recently went through the latest issue and am dying over a few products. I need help! Do you guys agree with these items or should I narrow the list down?? I need support and advice on these decisions!

Thanks for reading!


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